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About the History of the Dokdo Island Historically, Dokdo has been part of Korean territory since 512 (the 13th year of the reign of Silla King Jijeung), when Silla absorbed Usanguk. This fact is recorded twice in Samguksagi (The History of Three Kingdoms, 1145): Volume 4 Sillabon-gi (Silla's records) and Volume 44 Yisabujeon (The Biography of Yi Sabu). Usanguk included Ulleungdo and Usando (called Matsushima in Japan before 1880) when it was absorbed by Silla, which is recorded in a number of ancient texts including Sejongsillokjiriji (Gazetteer of the Annals of King Sejong, 1454) published in 1481; Sinjeungdonggukyeojiseungnam (Augmented Survey of the Geography of Korea) published in 1530; Man-giyoram (Guidebook of State Affairs, 1808); and Jeungbomunheonbigo (The Augmented Reference Compilation of Documents, 1908).