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2020, 8th Annual Dokdo and East Sea History Essay Competition
Purpose of the Competition:
To raise awareness of the Korean island of Dokdo •East Sea and the history surrounding it.

Essay Topic:
Research and write an unbiased paper about the history of the Dokdo and East Sea.
What is the significance and the importance of this island to the two countries South Korea and Japan?
Please also include the history of the East Sea and the history behind the said sea’s name in your essay.

Deadline : Sunday, June 07, 2020 (11:59PM : EST)

▶ Guidelines: Essay Competition Format: English:
* Please send all essay entries and questions to: ( kchefne.dokdo@gmail.com )
Please remember to format the email title this way so that it will be recognizable; otherwise we might miss it:
[Dokdo •East Sea History Essay Entry] [Grade/Region(State), Country / cell phone] Your_Name_Here/000-000-0000
[Dokdo •East Sea History Essay Question] [Grade/Region(State), Country] Your_Name_Here
[Dokdo •East Sea History Essay Entry] [College Sophomore/MA. USA / cell phone] John Smith / 000-000-0000
[Dokdo •East Sea History Essay Question] [9th Grade/Toronto, Canada] John Kim

▶ Participation (i.e. Grade 5 – Adult)
Middle School (Grade 5~8) / High School (Grade 9~12) / College • Adult

▶ Essay Rules: Only one essay entry per student. Students must write their essay in one language: Either Korean or English.

=> English:
– Essays must not exceed 5 (Five) pages in length (Letter Size , Margins Normal). Excluding bibliography.
– Essays must be written in Roboto font and should be sized 10 (ten).
– Line Spacing (1.15)
– Must submit a MLA formatted bibliography along with your essay.
– Please try to use primary sources over other source materials.
– Please submit all essays in PDF format
– Please note to follow these guidelines and rules otherwise your essay will not be entered.

=> Korean (한국어) :

Dokdo and East Sea History Essay Judging Criteria :
1. Historical understanding : 30%
2. Important points : 25%
3. Research : 20%
4. Conclusion : 15%
5. Writing style & quality : 10%

Deadline : Sunday, June 07, 2020 (11:59PM : EST)

▶ Eligibility
• This competition is open to all residents in the world regardless of ethnic background.
• Winners will be announced at a later date and individual notifications are given.
• The all essay competition participants must also send an email to ( kchefne.dokdo@gmail.com ) by June 14, 2020 regarding what they learned while writing the essay as well as what they felt when participating in the competition.

▶ Prizes:
Middle School (Grade 5~8) Div. / High School (Grade 9~12) Div. / College • Adult Div.
Each Div.
• • 1st Place (Tablet and Award Certificate)
• • 2nd Place (Gift Card and Award Certificate)
• • 3rd Place (Gift Card and Award Certificate)
• • Honorable Mention (4) (Award Certificate)


Korean Culture, History and Education Foundation of New England
The Grapevine Times
(The Korean-American Community of New England)

[1] We reserve the right to use all submitted pieces in future publications of the KCHEFNE and TGT(The Grapevine Times) with no compensation to the authors. We reserve the right to not award any prizes.
The essays and content that were submitted to the Dokdo •East Sea History Essay Competition are property of KCHEFNE and The Grapevine Times. The essays and content are not to be published without our direct consent.
[2] The 1st place award winners of each category MUST read his or her ENTIRE essay during.
[3] They are required to submit a photo . (Essay participants should briefly write down what they learned and felt as they participated in the competition until Sunday, June 14, 2020, and send it to them by email (kchefne.dokdo@gmail.com).)
[4] If the essay winner lives in an area far from New England, package will be mailed. (But, we are not responsible for lost packages during shipping. Also we are unfortunately unable to resend another award if the award is lost in transit.).
[5] We reserve the right to not give out complementary gifts.

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