Title : 2018, English Essay : High School Div .; 1st Place - Kevin Son

While writing this essay for the competition, I felt that I was able to learn more about the Korean culture and history. As a Korean citizen, I firmly believe that it is important to participate in the culture as much as possible, and I am glad that I entered this contest due to that reason. By researching on the topic, I was able to understand why the Sea of Japan vs East Sea conflict has not yet been resolved and how that connects to the question of sovereignty over Dokdo Island. I learned that Dokdo Island is a treasure that Korea cannot lose. After reading about the cruel Japanese rule over Korea, I felt that it was a duty to do whatever I could to protect Dokdo Island. I hope to one day visit this beautiful island and proudly proclaim that it is Korean territory.

  Name:    TGT

   Posted : 9/14/2018 || 7:33 PM