2018, English Essay : College.Adult Div.; Honorable Mention - Carlos Capacho

1. This investigation gives me knowledge on the existence of Dokdo and the whole of the islands that comprise it, as its geographical location in the sea of the east between Japan and Korea.

2. Review many documents received since year 512 in the “samguksa” book, or be the history of the three (3) korean dynasties, where the sovereignty of Korea is demonstrated on Dokdo.

3. Obtained knowledge of the territorial discussion between Korea and Japan, motivated to the use without permission of this territory by japan, during the war between (japan) with Russia in the year 1905. Despite Japan recognizes the sovereignty of Korea on Dokdo, by document and also in article 2 of the ordinance of the Japanese prime minister number 24, attempted dispute by Dokdo sovereignty.

4. I also knows the importance of Dokdo during the war of japan and Russia in 1905, since by its geographical location, allows Japan to watch from there the Russian boats.

5. I acquired knowledge on the importance of Dokdo in the economy. The sea where these islands are located, contain great variety of fish and many other marine species, this constitutes a very rich zone for the fish industry.

6. Realized studies reveal the existence of potential mineral deposits, mainly gas.

7. Have fresh water and enjoy a nice climate for the air currents you receive. this places Dokdo in attractive conditions for tourism.

8. Carrying out this work through great investigations makes me understand the importance of this type of activity or competitions because they are an incentive to the investigation that allows us to know the geopolitic, commercial importance, culture and laws of the different countries that form the continents from our beautiful planet earth.

   Posted : 9/14/2018 || 7:39 PM