2019, English Essay : College & Adult Div.; Honorable Mention – Kaylee Warren

KCHEFNE's question,:
Please write us a brief summary of what you have felt and learned while participating in this essay competition.

During my experience writing about the Dokdo Island, I not only found the history interesting, but I was able to learn information I had not previously known.
I enjoyed writing this essay because I was able to compete with other people’s knowledge and research as well as use my strengths in writing to create a compelling essay about how the Dokdo Island evolved into what it is today.

One of the facts I learned that I found the most interesting was the amount of economic strength this one island contains.
There are many more resources than I would have thought to exist in such a small island. For example, their surplus of fish and sea creatures, and their natural gas reserves are a big economic component as they’re both things people around the world want and need.

Overall, I found writing about the Dokdo Island and interesting learning experience because there is so much history left unspoken of. It is impactful how such a small island with it’s islets are able to make such a strong impact on a country as a whole and its economic power throughout the world. In future years, I hope the Dokdo Island continues to remain an attraction for tourists who continue to have an interest in learning about the history that the Dokdo Island went through.

I want future generations to have an interest in how hard Korea had to fight to keep not only this island, but also their surplus of goods, military base and tourist attraction standing today.
The Dokdo Island’s tumultuous history should not ever go unspoken.

   Posted : 9/29/2019 || 12:37 PM