[News] The International 3 Qualifier Teams Announced!

update; 5/2/2013 || 11:03 PM  
by Ryan Suh  

Qualifier Roster

The GD Studio will be running the Western qualifiers and Beyond The Summit will be running the Eastern qualifiers. Both qualifier formats will be the same.

Group Stage Format

"Each of the 8 teams will be initially placed into two groups of four. Two teams will advance from each group in the initial group stage to play in the second group stage. The two advancing teams from the second group stage will compete in the grand finals which will be a BO5 series in which the winner will advance to The International 3 main tournament, and the loser will be flown to Seattle to compete live for the Wildcard slot. All group stage matches will be BO3."


-May 13th 13:30CET: Group Stage 1: Group A, initial matches and winner’s match (3xBO3)
-May 14th 17:00CET: Group Stage 1: Group A, loser’s match and final match (2xBO3)
-May 15th 14:00CET: Group Stage 1: Group B, initial matches and winners’ match (3xBO3)
-May 16th 17:00CET: Group Stage 1: Group B, loser’s match and final match (2xBO3)
-May 17th 14:00CET: Group Stage 2: Initial matches and winner’s match (3xBo3)
-May 18th 17:00CET: Group Stage 2: Loser’s match and final match (2xBO3)
-May 19th 17:00CET: Grand Final (1xBO5)

Groups will be announced on a live stream show that will be at 8pm CEST on Saturday.

Source: www.Dota2.com


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