[News] Team Dignitas Drops Dota 2 Team

update; 11/21/2013 || 8:15 PM  
by Ryan Suh  

Following Korok's removal from the team, 1437's departure, and bLeeK's retirement, Team Dignitas announced that they have dropped their Dota 2 team for now.

Here's what Team Dignitas had to say:

"If you've been following the DotA 2 scene during the last week, you'll know that things have been unstable to say the least. As a result, today Team Dignitas's Managing Director Michael 'ODEE' O'Dell has decided to pull the plug on our DotA 2 squad. We would like to clear a few things up but this will be the last statement coming from Team Dignitas on this matter.

The first issue occured last week, when Team Dignitas's DotA 2 team was set to fly to Korea to participate in the Nexon Invitational. When our team was set to fly out, Team Dignitas's management was informed that Korok missed his flight. Our team manager Monolith was informed a day before departure to Korea that Korok might have problems attending, which Korok confirmed the day after by phone while the team was boarding their flights. We were unable to reach Korok after several attempts during the week and did not know what happened exactly.

A week later the team was back home and resumed their practice games, including Korok. When approached by the Team Dignitas management asking to explain his actions, Korok explained he was busy with school but did not seem aware that his lack of communication on this was unacceptable, nor did he seem very interested in explaining. His attitude when quizzed sealed his fate and led to the management's decision to remove Korok from the organization.

The following days we were told by our team manager that the remaining players had decided to disband and two of the remaining players wanted to create a new lineup for our organisation. We made the decision to respect the players' wishes to disband but we will not try to rebuild a lineup on unstable ground. Instead, Team Dignitas will disband its DotA 2 squad for now and re-evaluate our options.

We apologize to MLG and the fans as we will not be able to attend the MLG Columbus event. We are still looking to get a DotA 2 team in the future but we will wait for the right lineup to come by. Of course we will keep you up to date about future decisions.

Update: Monolith will stay with our organisation to help us find a suitable new Dota2 team."

Sources: Team-Dignitas.net



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