[News] DreamHack Winter format and groups have been announced

update; 11/21/2013 || 8:26 PM  
by Ryan Suh  

"The groups and format for the upcoming DreamHack Winter (Nov 28-30) StarCraft II tournament have been announced!"

Group A: (Z) HyuN, (P) NaNiwa, (T) LucifroN, (Z) TLO, (P) Patience*

Group B: (P) StarDust, (T) MMA, (Z) Life, (P) JYP, (T) Polt*

Group C: (T) INnoVation, (T) SjoW, (T) TaeJa, (P) sOs, (T) ForGG*

Group D: (Z) Leenock, (Z) Goswser, (P) HerO, (Z) Jaedong, (P) Welmu*

"*Qualified through the online qualifiers. All other players are seeded from their performances in earlier Dreamhack Open tournaments."

"The format will see the group stage seed the players into a modified, sixteen-man double elimination bracket as seen below:"

 Brackets for DreamHack Winter
Brackets for DreamHack Winter

Please visit the DreamHack website for more information.

Sources: DreamHack.se



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