[News] University of Pikeville to Offer Sports Scholarship to League of Legends Players

update; 1/17/2015 || 12:06 AM  
by Ryan Suh  

University of Pikeville, a private liberal arts college in Kentucky, says it will start offering scholarships to gamers in the Fall. This makes University of Pikeville one of the two schools in the nation to award scholarships to gamers who excel at League of Legends, the other school being Robert Morris University in Chicago.

University of Pikeville also considers their League of Legends team a official sports team of the school and plans to actively practice and provide the students with coaching.

Bruce Parsons, University of Pikeville’s new media director, says that “[E-sports is] becoming a worldwide trend”, mentioning that, “[League of Legends] takes skill, practice, and a lot of teamwork.”

Parsons believes that this new scholarship program will make a lot of new students take interest in Pikeville.

Pikeville stated that they are planning to offer 20 League of Legends scholarships in the fall to students.

“It will be a regime a lot like athletics,” Parson said. “They’ll have to have a certain GPA. We’ll look at them like student athletes. There will be practice time and video time when they have to study other teams for upcoming competitions.”



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