New Bloom Festival Issues and New Item Drop System

update; 2/20/2015 || 10:17 PM  
by Ryan Suh  

Much like last year’s Lunar New Year event, Valve decided to introduce the New Bloom Year Beast event through a series of teasers. This year, Valve decided to add a Crystal Maiden arcana as an item to be introduced into the store as the New Bloom event went live. The Dota 2 player base complained about this year’s New Bloom event as it was drastically different from the previous year’s event. Last year, the Year Beast event was a PvE styled boss fight where as this year, it had been incorporated into the regular Dota match and each team had their own Year Beast to control with Ability Points which could be bought from the store using real money. Many players argued that this event was pay to win and that it barred players from queuing for a normal game while the event was ongoing. Players with busy schedules complained that this prevented them from enjoying the game as it severely limited certain group of people from ever enjoying the event.
The Year Beast battle can only be accessed every few hours and players have to queue for a game within a ten minute time window. The servers were unstable at the launch of the event as Valve’s servers were clearly not prepared to accommodate for the amount of players queuing at the same time. Valve addressed this issue immediately after hearing complaints from the player base. Valve increased the time window in which players had to queue for the event, which somewhat eased the burden on the servers and the event finally has its own separate queue button for Year Beast matches. Valve is also trying their hand at a new cosmetic item drop system as players complained that the previous overhaul changed the drop-system too drastically which prevented the guaranteed item drops upon level, chest rewards, and random items from dropping in-game cosmetic items.


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