(update) : KCHEFNE's sorting process for the 2020 essay collection book
Updated ; 12-6-2019

KCHEFNE's (Korean Culture, History and Education Foundation of New England) and TGT's (The Grapevine Times) sorting process for the 2020 essay collection book:

1) English essays that scored 90 points or more from at least one judge were selected; a total of 44 essays within the past 7 years (2013~2019).

2) Of the 44 essays, we and the lead English essay judge Anne O'Brian carefully sorted out for plagiarism and other errors. This second round resulted in 22 essays being selected for the next screening.

3) The lead English essay judge is currently in the third screening process; the resulting essays will be published in 2020 book. The amount of published essays is still to be decided.

4) Reference details: The essays chosen are not necessarily based purely on ranking as the quality of essays differs year by year.

5) We will update this post once the third screening is finished.

6) Only English essays will be published in our 2020 book.

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